FTC Distributor Recommends Microsoft Software

Mission & Values

Mission Statement
Our mission is to become a market leader by consistently exceeding our Customer's expectations; providing them with best of Microsoft licensing solutions. We will continually communicate with, and learn from our Customers, in order to improve our services. And, we will keep on top of today's and tomorrow's technology, no matter how fast it moves, to ensure our Customers always have the best solution available to them.

Vision :
“Our objective is to give our customers more access and control over the ordering process”. We have created a complete customer relationship, lifecycle management software system; for managing our organization-wide Sales, Marketing, Customer Support, Customer Service and Inventory Management in one package, using Microsoft NET 2008 Programming Technology Language, MSSQL 2008 Backend Database and Windows 2008 Operating System.

Corporate Values


Are honesty, openness, and demonstrating mutual respect and trust in others. We demand uncompromising integrity in all internal and external dealings.

Collaboration :

We are functioning as a team to attain our organizational goals and working collaboratively with our policy makers, departments, employees, and customers.

Business Focus:

We gather and use information to make decisions focused on the best solutions. We share our values, skills and expertise with our partners, and employees, creating a work environment that makes our company a preferred distributer as evidenced by excellent employee recruitment, retention, performance, staff development, and positive union and management relations.

Learning Organization:

We offer Professional training to every sales person in which everyone learns and grows especially those who need to learn more about Microsoft's world.


We believe that the achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual, by hard work, dedication to the job, and the determination to achieve our goals.

Customer Satisfaction:

Many companies think that if customers are satisfied that this is a good predictor for repeat business. However, this is not the case. Only delighted and engaged customers have a great level of loyalty. So we have applied a lot of changes in our business environment; on software scale by building a customize system that let the customer feels that he is more "part of the team" instead of just a subject for sales. On the other hand we have worked on our team to be easy to work with but by professional approach to everything. All of that is to keep the highest levels of customer satisfaction.