FTC Distributor Recommends Microsoft Software


Farah customers are, our main concern and we like to make their work simple and efficient. We developed Sales and Invoicing System exclusively for our Microsoft Distribution and Licensing business.

Farah Sales and Invoicing System:

FTC has developed a proprietary Sales and Invoicing System with the ultimate objective of shortening the process, allowing Microsoft resellers to obtain and deploy their Microsoft product more quickly. Our objective was to make the whole process from customer inquiry to product delivery faster and error free. The system has a number of unique features that facilitate data analysis and provides our partners with useful tools to facilitate their order processing system. We here at FTC are exceedingly excited about the benefits of this system. Also, the feedback from our customer/partners is very positive. I mean very positive! They immediately saw the advantages of speed, flexibility and accuracy. As a special feature of our "Sales and Invoicing System", we created a Reseller Portal to accelerate the interaction with our resellers and provide them with all necessary information that we might asking for, all of that in quick and easy steps, saving their valuable time.

With this system, they can:
1-Review all related quotations and their status.
2-Track orders on this portal.
3-Download invoices.
4-See all announced promotions and offers provided by FTC and or Microsoft.
5- Update quotation status, revise and assign an end customer online.
6- Export quotations in PDF /Excel Format (formula) so the customer can add their margins and change quantity and get result faster.
7- Notify our resellers on their dashboard about their Agreement renewal.
8- Create their own Pipeline in just a few seconds.
Another field we always work on,

Distributor Partners' Training:

On regular basis, our team has held Microsoft Distributor Partners' Training on Microsoft Licensing Programs. We make sure that the sessions contents fulfill the partners' needs. To achieve high standards of professionalism in this area ( Partner training), we first worked on our team until all our operation and sales team became Microsoft certified professionals in Licensing Delivery Specialization and Software Asset Management. Partners Training: (Volume licensing solutions for Microsoft technology) Concerning training on Microsoft licensing issues, we are working very hard with our resellers “ breadth and managed partners”, and we already have achieved good results. Partners sales teams have had the opportunity to learn and discuss issues concerning, Microsoft Licensing Programs, Microsoft Products and Microsoft Partnership programs. All of that was conducted in a professional atmosphere. We are planning to deliver some additional training in the near future, concentrating on raising the level of our partners’ skills in licensing specialization. We impress upon them the importance of obtaining their MCPs; and becoming proficient in License Delivery Specialization in the Microsoft Licensing Solutions Competency, in order to stay ahead of the competition.