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Build customer loyalty by resolving issues quickly

We at Microsoft value your time, and your experience. That is why we would like to present the Microsoft Issue Resolution Management Program. Once you upload your issue, our dedicated Response Management Team to work together with Microsoft’s experts to provide an answer as possible.
Make use of this excellent resource to save time and create satisfaction for you and for your customers with Issue Resolution.
Give it a try!!
Visit http://partner.microsoft.com/issuehelp
Microsoft Support in Jordan : (9626)5503451

For all your issues or concerns, groups of people are ready to address your needs and answer all your questions. You can send emails to the following addresses:
Registered Partners: regmember@msdirectservices.com
Certified Partners: certpartner@msdirectservices.com
Gold Partners: goldcert@msdirectservices.com
For VL services use : vlservem@microsoft.com